Brucie Kibbutz

Brucie Kibbutz \

Brucie Kibbutz owns a car shop and loves to work out, pop steroids, and chase pussy.  He is also is a car junkie.  Niko can do jobs from him by accessing his email.  Brucie sends you emails of cars he wants stolen and once you respond positively the cars location will be triggered on your map as Brucie’s procedural missions.  Brucie will also setup Street Races for you, and you must complete nine of them to get 100% completion.  To do these races call Brucie and select the “Race” option.  Once Brucie likes you enough and you’ve unlocked his ability you can call him using the “Heli” option and he will pick you up and take you to select locations.  In order to get 100% completion you must have unlocked Little Jacob’s ability and done all of his activities at least once with him.  You must also do all of his car theft procedural missions, for his company Exotic Exports.

Percentage Brucie must like you to unlock his ability:

Unlocked at > or = 75%

Won’t want to be your friend at < or =40%

Hours Brucie will pick up the phone:


Places Brucie likes to eat:

Prefers to avoid fast food, as high end as possible, he’s “VIP Baby”

Places Brucie likes to drink:

High end places, he’s “VIP Baby”

Activities you can do with Brucie:







Strip Club

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