Carmen Ortiz

Internet girlfriend, SoBoHoe

Carmen Ortiz, aka SoBoHoe, is a free spirited woman, meaning she’s not the stalker type.  She is also a nurse, so if you get on her nice and tender side you can call her and she will restore part of your health.  Once you get access to the internet after the mission “Out of the Closet” you can go on the ingame website and under the women’s personals she is SoBoHoe. Send her an email and she’ll shoot you one back with the time to meet. Respond positively and Niko’s got a date with Ms. Ortiz. She lives in Bohan, Fortside.

Good times to call Carmen:


Vehicles Carmen likes:

Dukes, E109, FXT, Stallion, Sultan RS

Vehicles Carmen dislikes:

Dillettante, Marbella, Merit, Minivan

Clothes Carmen likes on Niko:

Any clothes from Modo and Perseus

Clothes Carmen dislikes on Niko:

Anything from The Russian Shop

How Carmen rates places to eat:

Cluckin’ Bell – – 50

Burger Shot – – 50

Diner – – 60

Mr. Fuk’s Rice Box – – 50

Pizza This – – 60

Superstar Cafe – – 50

How Carmen rates places to drink:

Club Liberty – – 90

Comrades Bar – – 90

Jerkov’s – – 90

Lucky Winkles – – 90

Steinway Beer Garden – – 90

How Carmen rates activities:

Bowling – – 70

Darts – – 80

Pool – – 60

Strip Club – – 80

How Carmen rates shows:

Perestroika (Cabaret) – – 80

Split Sides (Comedy Club) – – 80

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