Dwayne Forge


Dwayne Forge was an ex-rocks dealer who recently got released from jail and was an old buddy of Playboy X’s.  Dwayne is lonely and without many friends so he will call often to want to hang out and be upset if you don’t want to.  Once Dwayne likes you enough and you’ve unlocked his ability you can call him using the “Backup” option and he will send you two of his gangster homies that will follow you and shoot at enemies. It is not nessecary to unlock Dwayne’s special ability or do activities with him to get 100% completion.

Percentage Dwayne must like you to unlock his ability:

Unlocked at > or = 60%

Won’t want to be your friend at < or =30%

Hours Dwayne will pick up the phone:


Places Dwayne likes to eat:

Prefers to eat at the Cluckin’ Bell or any high end restaurant

Places Dwayne likes to drink:

Club Liberty in Northwood

Activities you can do with Dwayne:





Strip Club

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