Little Jacob

The Jamacian Little Jacob

Little Jacob is a Jamaican dealer that Niko meets through driving Roman’s cab.  He sells drugs, guns, and pretty much does numerous types of dirty work.  Niko can call him using the “Job” option to complete the drug delivery procedural options.  Once Little Jacob likes you enough and you’ve unlocked his ability you can call him using the “Guns” option and he will drive to an alley near Niko and sell you ammo and body armor out of his trunk.  He sells things at a discounted rate compared to the gun shop.  In order to get 100% completion you must have unlocked Little Jacob’s ability and done all of his activities at least once with him.  You must also do all of his drug delivery procedural missions.

Percentage Little Jacob must like you to unlock his ability:

Unlocked at > or = 75%

Won’t want to be your friend at < or =40%

Hours Little Jacob will pick up the phone:


Places Little Jacob likes to eat:

Little Jacob likes fast food, particularly the Cluckin’ Bell

Places Little Jacob likes to drink:

Club Liberty in Northwood

Activities you can do with Little Jacob:






Strip Club

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