Roman Bellic

Niko\'s Cousin Roman

Roman is Niko’s cousin.  He owns a cab company and once he likes you enough you can call him up and he will send a cab that will take you anywhere in the city for free for his unlockable ability.  It is not necessary to do Roman’s activities or unlock his ability to get 100% completion.

Percentage Roman must like you to unlock his ability:

Unlocked at > or = 60%

Won’t want to be your friend at < or =15%

Hours Roman will pick up the phone:


Places Roman likes to eat:

At the beginning of the game Roman will eat anywhere, but as he gets a taste of the good life later in the game from Niko’s coattails he prefers high end restaurants.  Burger Shot though is his favorite.

Places Roman likes to drink:


Activities you can do with Roman:







Strip Club

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