Flying Rats

Throughout Liberty City are 200 flying rats, pigeons, that you must find and shoot. You must kill all of the flying rats to receive 100% completion, and for killing all of the flying rats you will get a special reward. This guide has a picture of the flying rat as well as a zoomed in picture of the in game map locating where the player was when the picture of the flying rat was taken and a zoomed out picture of the in game map. Follows is a description about the flying rat and how to kill it. All of these are per flying rat. The flying rat’s are divided into parts of the city: Bohan, Dukes, Broker, Algonquin, Alderney. This guide follows the same number system as many other guides so that if you desire to use this guide after you have already begun with another guide the transition will be easy. However, we admit that this may not be the fastest numbered system for eliminating the flying rats, we believed that the continuity with other Grand Theft Auto IV guides would be more useful. Happy hunting!






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