The Lost and Damned: 100% Completion Checklist

In order to receive 100% completion for Grand Theft Auto 4’s add-on content The Lost and Damned you must complete the following activities:

1.) Complete all of the story missions, a total of 22.  – 65% completion.

2.) Complete all of the sides jobs, 10 bike theft missions for Angus, 5 dirty laundry missions for Stubbs. – 10% completion

—To begin these missions dial either Angus or Stubbs and select the “Job” option on your cell phone.

3.)  There are two random pedestrians in Grand Theft Auto 4: Lost and Damned.  One (Malc) has two missions, and the other (Rex Grossman) has one.  Complete the total of three random pedestrian missions.  – 5% completion

4.)  You must do all seven friend activities at least once (Air Hockey, Darts, Drinking, Eating, Pool, Show, Strip Club) with either Terry or Clay.  It doesn’t matter who you call to do the activity with because they will both come regardless.  You could play air hockey with Clay and darts with Terry, or all of the activities with Terry it does not matter.  However, you must do each activity at least once. – 5% completion

5.) You must also win at four activities:

  • Win a game of arm wrestling
  • Win a game of air hockey
  • Win a game of pool
  • Win a game of darts

These activities can be won against anyone. – 5% completion

6.)  Side Objectives – 10% completion

  • Win all 12 bike races.  (denoted by a helmet on the map)
  • Win 25 gang wars. (denoted by an explosion icon on the map)
  • Kill the 50 seagulls hidden throughout Liberty City

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